Friday, May 21, 2010

No More Deal.......Just a Little Sale

Sorry friends, the .99 deal is over.  The books went up to $13.50.  Not exactly a great deal, but they are still on sale.  Most books are $15 regular price and a couple are $20.  So, you're looking at a savings of a whole  whopping $1.50 on the $15 books and a $6.50 savings on the $20 books.  Boy, was that short-lived:(  I hope some of you saw this post early enough or heard about it through another source.

Keep checking back, maybe they will have a GREAT DEAL again:)


  1. Thanks for the info. I went to buy and they changed from .99 as I was checking out...stinkers!

  2. Darn, oh well, still a good deal!

  3. I missed it! Guess that's what I get for getting behind on blog reading, LOL!