Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1: (31 for 21) & Another Award!

It's October!!  And for those of you who are unaware, this month is Down syndrome awareness month!!  I am joining many blogging buddy's, all over the world, and stepping up to the challenge, the 31 for 21 Down syndrome Awareness Challenge(see button on sidebar)!  Basically, this challenge is to help spread Ds (otherwise known as T21, a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome) awareness, hence the 21, for the 31 days of the month of October.

I have thought long & hard about how I would like to approach this challenge.  Writing about Ds is not a very difficult thing for me to do.  However, the whole point of this challenge is to spread awareness.  So this got me thinking.  You see, I started my blog for lots of reasons.  To keep family & friends updated on how Landon was doing, to maybe help a new family with a Down syndrome diagnosis (the same way these blogs helped me), as an outlet for me to express my feelings as I navigate my way along this journey and to show the world that Landon and his friends ARE more alike than different.

This blogging family is a really tight knit family.  Moms & dads, who were brought together under very uncertain circumstances, sharing our most vulnerable moments.  We laugh together, cry together, grieve together and CELEBRATE together.  We celebrate our children.  Our children, who brought us together.  We live all over the world, communicate via computers, sometimes phone calls and if we are lucky, we get to meet in person.  New friendships.  These are the gifts that our children have given us.

A few months ago, I decided to network my blog to FaceBook.  I was initially hesitant in doing so, I was afraid that "old friends" would feel like I was drowning myself in Landon's diagnosis.  Of course, it was much easier putting myself out there with a community of people who were touched by that same magical chromosome.  I could shield myself from judgement.  Sounds kind of funny now that I write that word, when it is because of that word, "judgement", that I built the confidence to click on "link blog to FB".  I wanted my "friends" to meet Landon and get to know him, without passing judgement on him or our life, based on differing perceptions of Down syndrome.  Ultimately, I have to believe that my FB friends, are friends because we have a mutual concern for how one another is doing.  This is my way of giving back to those who have Down syndrome and those whose lives have been touched by it.  This is my attempt at spreading awareness.  Spreading awareness to a whole different community of people.  People who have not been touched by Down syndrome, yet!!

With that said, FB friends and family, I am asking that YOU, help me with this challenge.  You see, you have now officially been touched by someone with Down syndrome too.  Whether you have had the honor of meeting Landon in person or if you have been reading my posts, you are learning all about Down syndrome too.   So, it is my hope, that you too, will help me with this challenge.  How, you are wondering?  Simple.  I would love to hear some of your questions, thoughts or concerns regarding Down syndrome.  Anything. Leaving a comment is a great ice breaker for others to join in on a conversation.  I would love for you to visit Landon's blog and link to one of Landon's friends blogs (on the right side of the page, under Our T21 Friends), and visit their page.  Read a post or 2.  There are many children out there like Landon living life to its fullest.  Some really cute kids.  Share my blog with some of "your" friends.  Maybe talk about children with Down syndrome (or any disability) with YOUR kids.  Who knows, our children may go to school together one day.  Maybe, just maybe, you or someone you know, may get the news that you/they too will be blessed by an extra chromosome!

Educating ourselves about Down syndrome and sharing that knowledge with others is how we can all take part in helping to spread awareness.  

On a side note, my blog friend Carrie over at Life As We Know It, nominated me for the "Hard Working Mommy Blogger" award!  Thank you so much Carrie, it is such an honor=)


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  1. Well congratulations on the award!!!! and on a fabulous post!
    Although i did cringe a little when you wrote about how we communicate... phone calls. I owe you one. send me those numbers one more time my friend!! We are long over due.

  2. Kelly, you are so sweet! Thank you for the nomination! OK, so don't laugh, but I have no idea how to put the "image" of the award on my blog....I don't even know how to grab that button for the 31 for 21 campaign we are both doing!? I see you have it up in the corner of your blog! If you can, maybe shoot me some instructions and I would love to accept and pass this award on. I love your post today October 2nd. It really is these babies that work hard, we have the easy job, just to love them!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  4. I love all of our blogging friends! This community is truly amazing!