Saturday, May 29, 2010

Progress! Progress! Progress!

I feel so AWFUL that I have not posted on Landon in a while!  I have about 5 drafts (4 now) still waiting to be completed.  We have been soooo busy.....boy does time go by quickly.  Landon has been making some GREAT GAINS over the past month and a half, and honestly, I have enjoyed having a front row seat to this show.  Often times, I can't even get to the camera to catch some of these moments on film because I am overwhelmed with excitement.  Now that he has mastered these new beginnings, I am excited to finally share them with you. (pics and video coming soon)

So, here is what Mr. Landon has been up to these days.........


Landon is now an utter "pro" at getting himself in and out of a sitting position.  He pivots, is able to extend to both sides to reach for things without losing his balance.  This is very exciting because he now can play with his toys without falling on top of them and banging his head.  He transitions very well from belly to sit, side to sit and vice versa.  Looks like he's been doing this for years:)


Landon has also mastered the "commando crawl".  Boy is he fast.  He had been pulling himself on his elbows for some time and dragging his legs behind him.  Of course this started at school.......I actually saw Landon do this about 1 week in.  He's always holding out on us.  This stage seemed to move quickly because he started using his legs shortly after that.  Now he alternates using his feet and knees as he is moving.  And on occasion, he will pop up on all 4's and rock and then dive forward.  We are still working on that coordination piece.  He will however go through the motions if we keep our hand under his belly.  I am hoping that he will catch on soon!


Landon is starting to bear more weight on his legs......FINALLY!!!!  He is now learning that if he extends those little frog legs of his, he CAN and WILL reach new things.  This has been ongoing progress for the past month.  He is now able to bear most of his weight on his own with minimal assistance.  I am so amazed by his good posture.  And, he is quite PROUD of himself when he does this and will demand himself and others!!  LOL  Now we are working on extending the amount of time he can hold his weight.  Slow progress, but progress none the less.


Landon has been working on climbing.  His therapists use the couch cushions to make steps up to the couch.  He amazingly does very well with this.  Especially when he has his eye on the prize........his red sensory ball......he LOVES that thing!!!  It's funny how he knows how to push off of his feet and use his arms at the same time.  He looks so coordinated.  Hmmm, if we can just get him to use that coordination on crawling on all 4's!!!


Landon is finally starting to accept the transition from purees to "real" table foods that require him to actually chew.  This gain is a more recent one.  And a very welcome one at that.  This is one area that we really struggle with.  His menu now consists of: toast w/ hummus, Gerber Graduate Cereal Bar, puffs, Cheerios, bananas, yogurt, cheese, bread.  He has mastered these foods.  Next on our list is: scrambled eggs, more fruits and veggies and adding small pieces of easy chewable meats.  We are hoping to form a decent table food diet so that we can get off of the purees.  Landon has had such an issue with swallowing vs. chewing his food.  His ST now sees him 2x's a week, once which is strictly communication and the other is shared between communication and feeding.  With the help of Landon's therapist, we have started using the "Jiggler" and some chew bars to stimulate his muscles. Then we alternate every few bites with a food that requires him to chew with a puree.  We are starting to notice that he actually tries to chew the puree now.  He's finally catching on!!!! 

Landon is also doing more self feeding.  He holds his bottle on his own now.  He will challenge us at times........but we "usually" win!  He loves to hold his own spoon.  And with guidance, he is able to find his mouth:)  It's not always neat, but hey, nobody is perfect!!  LOL  This is a very messy task, but one that we encourage wholeheartedly.  It is extremely helpful that his teacher's at school practice with him.  Landon has also got a great pincer grasp.  Once he is able to locate his food, he does rather well picking it up.  Now if we can just get the food to his mouth.  We still have to guide his hand to his mouth as most times he would prefer to feed his eyes or his hair. LOL

We are making great progress with the "honey bear cup".  Landon closes his mouth completely on the straw now and waits in anticipation for the fluid to come out.  He is not actually sucking the water through the straw yet.  We are still squeezing it for him.  However, on occasion he is beginning to suck the fluid as we squeeze.  As for the sippy cup, Landon would much rather bang it on his tray or bite on the spout.  Again, on occasion he will actually take a few sips on his own, but he seems to be more partial to the honey bear.


This area took a backseat while Landon started cruising in other areas.  We are happy to say that Landon has picked up on his signs again and is continuously adding to his signing vocabulary.  His favorites at this time are: hi and bye-bye, more, eat, milk, all done, bath, book, dog, music and mama.  However, we are convinced that Landon understands WAY MORE than he is capable of signing, at this time.  He is also becoming more vocal and making lots of sounds.  His favorite thing to say right now is "YEAH", while clapping his hands (of course)!!

We are so proud of Landon and each of these accomplishments.   And believe me, we have celebrated each and every one of them........BIG!!!  This little blessing amazes me every single day with his will and determination.  With each new skill he acquires, he is one step closer to being just as independent as his brothers and his peers!  Once again, proving that........HE IS MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT:)

Keep up the good work, Landon!!!  We are so proud of you:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

No More Deal.......Just a Little Sale

Sorry friends, the .99 deal is over.  The books went up to $13.50.  Not exactly a great deal, but they are still on sale.  Most books are $15 regular price and a couple are $20.  So, you're looking at a savings of a whole  whopping $1.50 on the $15 books and a $6.50 savings on the $20 books.  Boy, was that short-lived:(  I hope some of you saw this post early enough or heard about it through another source.

Keep checking back, maybe they will have a GREAT DEAL again:)

A Great Deal!!

A good friend of mine just passed on some wonderful information.  Thanks for sharing this, Kim!!

Mayer-Johnson is having a sale on interactive books for .99 (they're normally $15) and they are currently running a special with FREE shipping! These books were recommended for Gracie by the Augmentative Communication Center at Children's Hospital. They're great for kids with Down syndrome. 

There are 12 books in the series.  I bought 2 sets of books, one for me and one to donate to Landon's school.  I paid $21.78 for 24 books.  It beats buying the Boardmaker Program for $300+!!!

Hurry!  This deal is only good while supplies last!!!