Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day of School & Dinosaurs????

Yesterday, found me another memory to add to my "memory box".  I am officially the mom of a 3rd grader!!  Wow, another bittersweet moment, involving my first born, you know, the one that you will experience MOST firsts with.  I worked 1/2 a day so that I could pick him up from school and spend some time, with JUST him!!  That does not happen quite as often as it probably should.

Pulling in to his schools parking lot, walking towards me from the building, he was waving his report card with the biggest smile on his face saying that he was officially a 3rd grader......and that meant that "I" am officially old!  Ha!.....gotta love that sense of humor.  I of course had to go back a chapter in the book of "How to Raise Boys", to remind him of the lesson that you never say the word old when having a conversation with a woman.......especially, your mother!  After all, she will be one of the "first" women to tell his future girlfriend/wife all the silly and embarrassing things about his childhood.

I'll add that point to my!!!

So our day went something like this............

This boy......

is officially a 3rd grader.........

So we celebrated with lunch, outside, at a local restaurant......

To celebrate the end of another school year, and the fact that our children find us to be sooooo old, we thought we would teach them one more lesson regarding the definition of old and extinct.  So we went....."Walking With Dinosaurs"!!!!

If you are not familiar with this show, click the link above and take a peek, AMAZING!  You can always check,, to see if and when they will be in your area.  A must see for those of you with young children.  Here's just a small peek at what we saw!!

The boys (as well as parents) enjoyed this SPECTACULAR show!!

BTW, today, is Scott's 40th Birthday!  I am taking Scott to Foxwoods Casino for dinner, a show and some gambling.  AND, we will be staying overnight!!  Yikes!  This will be our first night away from the 3 boys since Landon was born.  I must confess, I.AM.A.WRECK.!!  But, I know that this is good for both Scott and I and the kids!!  Hmmm, the fact that a surprise "couples massage" is what we have in store for us tomorrow morning, isn't such a bad thing either!  We will return home tomorrow afternoon to celebrate with a small family cookout (along with some Poker)!!  Ya think there's a theme here or what??!!

I will post some pictures within the next couple of days regarding Scott's Birthday, to see if "MY WISH" has come true!!  As of this morning, THEY were still here!!

Keep your fingers crossed!!!  Until then...............I will leave you with a cute picture of Landon and a "NEW" favorite thing he likes to do!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day found us the perfect little place to lay out our blanket, relax and soak up the summer sun.  

Scott opened his presents (that the boys made for him at school) and sat back and enjoyed some entertainment!

Mason and Elijah ran around and played at the playground.  And I, ran around and took pictures of the day........ok,  I know, it was Father's Day and all!!!  

When Landon was through entertaining his daddy, it was time for Landon to join his brothers for some fun on the swings (one of his favorite things to do)!

                                                                   (Look, matching tongues!!)

Rest and relaxation was the wish for the day......and so his wish was granted!! 

The perfect ending to a perfect day....ahhh, my boys!!
Happy Father's Day!!

Speaking of wishes...........(remember this post).........

There are only 3 more days until Scott's 40th!


Hmmm, I wonder if my wish will FINALLY be granted too??!!  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AN ARTIST.......


When I picked Landon up from daycare today, I was presented with Landon's very FIRST piece of artwork.  And I was informed by his teacher, that Landon did this ALL BY HIMSELF :)


Sure makes this mama proud:)