Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Story

Sorry it took so long to get this site up and running but "free" time is very rare in the Gomes househould.  After all, having 3 boys under the age of 8 is quite exhausting..........I mean "FUN"!  lol  I have been writing since giving birth to Landon 8 months ago and have decided to just condense everything into a few  blogs to catch everyone up to speed and then I will continue to blog in "actual time" going forward. 

And so "our story" goes..................Landon was born on February 11, 2009 at 9:51pm weighing in at 7lbs. 1 1/2oz......... 21 inches long.........and an extra chromosome........(as in Down syndrome).

In short, we had an extremely high risk factor during our pregnancy, (1 in 3), but chose not to participate in any extra testing.  Level 2 ultrasounds showed no markers (signs) of Ds.  Scott and I had decided that we would welcome Landon into this world however he chose to enter it.  And so he did, willful and determined to be his own person.  Landon continues to create his own identity, and his joy spreads beyond our family home.

Landon has entered this world surrounded by so much love and enthusiasm.  He has 2 proud and caring big brothers - Mason & Elijah- who just love him to pieces as Landon does them.  And we are so blessed to  be surrounded by such  loving and supportive family and friends that have been by our side every step of the way.  To all of you we are forever grateful.  Because of you, we have so much hope for Landon's future and acceptance.

Landon is teaching us to take life a little slower - to hurry is to miss the good stuff.  He has shown us that a bright smile  can be contagious and make even the worst day wonderful.  Landon teaches us something new every day about ourselves and about others.  He encourages us every day to be better parents, and better human beings.  These are the blessings we get to live with every day as Landon's parents. 

And so our "inspirational journey" begins.  We know that we are going to face some challenges along the way, but we also know that we will reap more riches than most will ever know.  Landon "WILL" live a rich, full and happy life because of the love and support of each and every one you!

                                                   Elijah, Landon & Mason


  1. O.K.....I am done crying! Kelly, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece of your life. You have such a beautiful family and I am thrilled that our children brought us all together! I look forward to following your blog! BTW- I JUST started a blog yesterday- so you are sooooo not behind!!

  2. Kelly,love the blog you created for Landon.You did a wonderful job! He is a beautiful little boy,our family is truly blessed. Love and kisses to all of you! Love Aunty Jeanne

  3. You have a beautiful family! I'm sorry we missed you at the Buddy Walk but hope to meet you at one of the 21frienDS events soon!!