Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

I always look so forward to Halloween...........maybe even more than the kids!  Scott and I always take part in dressing up along with the kids.  Well, I actually like it.......Scott.......not so much (but he still does it - always there to take one for the team)!  Go honey!!  This year was especially special as it was Landon's very 1st Halloween!  I enjoy picking out the boys' costumes (well, until they are old enough to pick out their that left me with just Landon's costume).  This year I decided to go with a "frog"........well he does have a built in prop.........his "tongue"!!  And I must say he was the cutest frog EVER!!  See for yourself!

Well, I guess I am a bit biased!

Mason chose to be "Snake Eyes" from the movie G.I. Joe (not that he has seen it) and Elijah chose to be "Dash" from the Incredibles (quite fitting I must say)!  And a quick put together for Scott and I (as doctor/nurse)!

The kids had lots of fun and got tons of candy!  Plenty to share with mommy and daddy!  The weather was beautiful that night which gave us the opportunity to do a little extra "trick or treating"!  What FUN!  This also gave Landon an extra long nap!

Seeing as Halloween was on a Saturday this year, it gave Landon the opportunity to have a couple of wardrobe changes:

What a great 1st Halloween memory we will have for years to come!

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