Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooling Down and Timing

I sit hear feeling a little bummed out as I write this.  Many of you are probably already aware that Landon & I missed out on a great opportunity to meet 2 of our fellow blogging friends......IN PERSON!!!  That's right folks, we had plans to meet up with Em from Daily Smiles and Anna from Banana Pants yesterday.....AND Landon & I both got sick!!!  Could our timing be any worse????

I have always been so envious reading blogs about families who made that crossover from blogland to reality.  I have enjoyed reading posts and seeing pics of little ones meeting face to face and watching so many wonderful friendships bloom.  AND, Saturday was our turn, and I was so excited about that opportunity.  I even planned on canceling Landon's 2 therapy sessions for the day, just to meet our blogging friends.

And then it happened, Wednesday, July 21st, 2010, Landon got sick.............that date will be a constant reminder of what we missed out on for years to come!!  Landon was running a high fever, had fluid in his ears and a rash.  We were given some amoxicillin to take care of his ears and had been pumping him with Tylenol to help keep the fever down.  I was on a mission to make sure that we made it to our playdate.  AND THEN, once we got the fever lowered, we noticed that Landon now had spots of his feet, hands and mouth.  And to top it off, I woke up vomiting on Friday morning!!!  SERIOUSLY??!!  Isn't there a written rule that mommy's don't have time to get sick??!!  Apparently it got temporarily erased over the past few days!!!

I ventured over to Stephanie's blog this morning as I was sure she would have posted about THE PLAYDATE!!  And what a wonderful post it was.  They had such a wonderful day, and we are so happy for them.  Landon would have been in his absolute glories being surrounded by 2 BEAUTIFUL little chicky-mamas:)  He is definitely a ladies man!!!

Well, the most important thing is that Landon is feeling better.  This timing works as we will be celebrating Elijah's 5th birthday tomorrow!!!  Last year, Landon had double pink-eye!!  And we do have one more opportunity to meet a fellow blogging friend.  Sunday, August 8th, we will be meeting up with Kelli & Colin from Love for Colin!!!  They will be in our neck of the woods as they do some vacation traveling, and we will be meeting up for lunch!!  We are very excited about this get together and I am asking that everyone keep their fingers & toes crossed that Landon will stay fever free!!!

Hopefully Landon & I will be posting about meeting our blogging buddies in person.....SOON!!!


  1. I am glad Landon is feeling better. And you too! But shame about the playdate, it is indeed nice to make that cross-over :-)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry, what a bummer! Hopefully you can all get together again soon! There's nothing better than a bloggy playdate!

  3. So sorry you missed out on a playdate with those adorable girls. And there really should be a rule about mommies not getting sick! Glad you are both on the mend, hope Elijah has a wonderful birthday and that you can make your next playdate.

  4. kelly - i am sorry to hear that on top of landon being sick, you were sick too! mommies should not be allowed to get sick (we should get some sort of immunity once we have a baby that prevents us from getting sick) - i was so sorry that you and landon missed the playdate when i read about it on stephanie's blog earlier this morning. hope you are both feeling much better today!!! have fun celebrating elijah's 5th birthday tomorrow :)

  5. So sorry you guys missed the playdate with those cute chicks. We want to meet them someday too. Can't wait to see Landon and Colin together that will be adorable!
    Hope you are both feeling WAY better!

  6. we are so going to make up for it!!! what's next week looking like for you?

    I feel so bad! I didn't want to read this post!! but seriously we are close enough to have a playdate anytime. We should take advantage of it!

    Wishing Elijah a Happy Birthday!!

    and sending hugs and kisses!!

  7. What a bummer!! We STILL haven't met anyone yet either. Glad to hear you are all on the up and up and I hope you get to go to your next playdate! If you ever head South, let me know and we'll meet up!

  8. It stinks when playdates fall through! I was supposed to get together with Aimee and Piper last week and it didn't work out either. Hopefully it will work soon for both of us. :)