Monday, August 2, 2010


It still seems so unreal that our "little" Elijah is 5 today!!!  I can remember back to my first pregnancy with Mason, everyone telling me to enjoy "them" because they grow so fast.  It wasn't until Mason's 1st birthday that I really understood what "they" meant.  THEY DO GROW FAST!!!

And here we are, August 2, 2010 and my little boy is "5"! WOW!!  Happy Birthday to you Elijah!  I cannot believe how much you have grown over the past 5 years.  You are such a smart, curious and inquisitive little boy who has this amazing drive to learn.  You have a great LOVE for books, and although you are not reading consistently YET, you are so very persistent.  I love watching you sit on your bed with your book in hand, hearing you sound out the words continuously until you get it.  And when a word has you stumped, you don't let that stop you.  Instead you move on to plan B and continue on with the story by reading the pictures.  You are so creative!  I am so amazed by your imagination, and the stories you have to tell.  They are always so entertaining:)

You have a love for numbers.  We always get a good laugh at how easy math comes to you.  On occasion, you have been known to help Mason with his math homework..........and he is 3 years older than you!  (I like to think that you get that from me, mommy has always had a love for math too).

You are such a fun loving spirit, and your personality is like a magnet.  People are drawn to you.....and your hair too, just as bouncy as that personality of yours!  (You get that from daddy, the personality and the hair).  You make people laugh and smile with your silly talk and your love for mimicking characters and scenes from movies.  The information you memory retains is UNBELIEVABLE!  Mommy & daddy have to be very careful, sometimes you use our own words against us!!  But we love your spunk:)

You love to play video games.  It's amazing how quickly you catch on to things.  And you love to build and create ARCHITECT perhaps??!!

You are very generous and a wonderful sharer who has the kindest of hearts.  Your circle of friends is a good testament to that.  You are loving and compassionate and an AMAZING little/big brother!!  Lucky for you, you are in the middle, so you get the best of both worlds and double the love!!  Mason & Landon are so lucky to have you!!

Oh Elijah, your heart is so big, and it is just bursting with life and love!!  You are just this huge bundle of WONDERFUL things......and  you are all "MINE"!!  And this makes my heart VERY VERY happy:)  I do not think it is possible to put into words how very much I love you.  Lucky for me, I get to show you EVERY DAY!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Elijah, we love you to the moon & back!! 


  1. Happy Birthday Elijah, your mommy has so many wonderful things to say about you. I can see just how special you are. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. God bless you.

  2. Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

    Kelly what a beautiful post! When we meet I'm requesting all your boys come along!!!

    Talk soon!

  3. He sounds like such a neat little kid! And I LOVE his hair :)

  4. Happy Happy birthday sweet boy! I can't believe my oldest is going to junior high this year! Yikes!

  5. Happy birthday Elijah, hope it was a fabulous day for you. Very sweet post momma!

  6. Yes indeed... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIJAH!!

    And yes, Mikah my first born turned 5 this summer and I can't express the pain within the happiness when I look at her, how grown up and how fast it has all gone by!
    These are precious times, aren't they my friend?

  7. Happy Birthday Elijah! I love these posts!

  8. Happy Birthday Elijah! I love that he's a book fanatic just like me.