Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great Way to End the Summer

**WARNING: picture overload per Mason & Elijah**

Hey there!  Sorry I haven't been around lately.  No excuses!  Just simply doing summer things with the boys.......and trying to enjoy as much as possible, considering I work full time.....ALL.YEAR.LONG=(  I've been peeking at your blogs, occasionally commenting (when time permits), and it's nice to see that everyone has been enjoying the summer.  I know there have been things that have not been enjoyable as well, and believe me, I have had those days too.  I have lots to talk about, and I have some drafts that I am currently working on, but I wanted to share our last "hurrah" of the summer.

(I promise that I will be back with an update on Landon and other stuff too=)

Last night, Scott & I, gave Mason & Elijah their joint birthday gift.  It was very fitting seeing this event fell smack dab in the middle of BOTH their birthdays.  Elijah turned 5 on August 5th and Mason will be turning 8 on September 24th.  Our evening began around 5ish last night.  Scott & I, and Mason & Elijah took a drive out to Hyannis (which is about 45 minutes away from where we live) to enjoy a nice outdoor dinner, "pier" side @ Spanky's Clam Shack!  Dinner was delicious and time with our 2 older boys was once again....way overdue.  Last time we had a night out just the "4" of us was back in June (when Mason got out of school), we went to see Walking with Dinosaurs!!!  Very fitting that we end the summer off with another "date night"!!

OK, back to our evening!!  After dinner, we drove about 4 minutes away to the Cape Cod Melody Tent.  At this point we managed to distract the boys from the sign in front that said this:

 and told them that we were going to the circus!!  I know, how clever of us...........well the tent helped.....geesh!!!  When we parked the car, we gave both boys an envelope with their ticket in it!  I think these expressions say it all!!

Yes, those expressions were worth it......Mommy took one for the team!!!  Confession, I cannot stand wrestling.  (Not that I don't have a GREAT appreciation for those who take care of their bodies, lol).  BUT, I just can't seem to get past the SWEATINESS!!!  Completely grosses me out.  Especially when you are sitting close enough to see it land on those a few rows in front of you......NASTY!!  Any who, the boys are HUGE fans.  I can't tell you how many times I am forced to watch entrances of all their favorite  wrestlers.  I guess I have to do this repeatedly because I never seem to remember what song goes to what wrestler.  NOTE to self, get a notebook and right it down.  They enjoy it so much, that they practice their own entrances and come up with very UNIQUE names for themselves.  HA!!

Match after match, about 16 professional wrestlers from the WWE had managed to bring such pure joy out of my boys, which in turn, brought pure joy out of this mom & dad!!  Mason filled us in on who was who and when we should cheer vs. when we should BOO!!  And Elijah was more than happy that Scott & I paid lots of money for him to be able to say the BAD "S" WORD.  I guess we should have done our research because we had no idea that the big chant during a wrestling match is "YOU SUCK"!!  Yikes!!!

(Goldust & Luke Gallows)


(Kaval & ??)


(JTG vs. Primo)

(Jack Swagger)

(Jack Swagger vs. Chris Masters)


(Cody Rhodes)


(Dolph Ziggler)

(Drew McIntyre)

(Matt Hardy)

(Kofi Kingston)

(Fatal 4 way match)

Whew!!  Sorry for the picture overload, but the boys insisted that I let you all know, who they got to see.    You see, Mason has  been bugging us to have a wrestling birthday party.....with an actual wrestler there for entertainment.  He really does think BIG!!  I guess he will have to settle for seeing a bunch of professional wrestlers at a WWE event sitting 13 rows away!  I think he was OK with that.  There were 4 more, uh, wrestlers (if that's what you call them), that DID NOT make this post.  Mommy just couldn't get the camera to work when the "Ladies" came out.  LOL  Sorry Daddy, just like we tell the boys, "at least you got to see them in person"!! 

It was a wonderful & very late evening for Mason & Elijah.  The show didn't end until 10:30pm and we still had to drive 45 minutes home!  

Yes friends, we splurged & let the "boys be boys"!!  An outrageous amount of money later, the boys were representing their favorite wrestler, John Cena, who just happened to NOT be there!!  Oops, him and a bunch of other BIG name wrestlers will be in Boston tonight!!  Another 45 minute drive in the other direction.  Maybe next year!!!

Side note:  While at the event, my very observant (almost 8 year old) had his Down syndrome radar on.  He was sure to point out at least 2 of the 5 young adults that were there enjoying the event too.  Just another thing to add to the list of "fun & normal" things that these 3 brothers will enjoy doing together.  Mason & Elijah are very excited for Landon to accompany us when he is older.   Landon may not have attended this event with us, but the boys could not wait until this morning to tell Landon all about it.  Looks like Landon jumped on the John Cena band wagon too!!  Silly boys......gotta LOVE them=)


  1. oh my gosh - one word comes to mind when seeing all of the pictures of the wresting match - hilarious! i am with you kelly - i would about die if i was sitting close enough and the sweat happened to land on me!!! for some reason "professional" wrestling just seems so funny to me and i am not into it at all (maybe since i grew up with two other sisters and only one brother and have two girls???!!!) that is so fun that you guys took mason and elijah to the wwe wrestling match and that they had such a fun birthday surprise. you are a VERY good sport and mommy to go along with that :)

  2. Oh Kelly, thanks for taking one for the team. I hope your boys know how lucky they are, what a great mom you are!!
    Looks like everyone had a good time, hope you didn't get sweat on too much LOL!

  3. A good splurge indeed. Your adorable boys must think you are THE BOMB!!!

  4. love the pictures! oh that brought back memories(yes i used to watch WWF back in the day) now I catch my husband watching it. My 8yr old has the radar on all the time too. Awesome pictures of Landon and the boys at the end!!

  5. Oh I would be definitely taking one for the team. I hate that fake wrestling crap! Luckily my boys don't care about it!

  6. Seriously, could your family be any cuter? Lucky boys they are!

  7. Awesome!! I would hate wrestling too (which is probably why God gave me 3 girls) but I think it was a great thing to do for your boys. I too enjoy the time we get away with just our older girls. There is something special about it. The smiles on Elijah and Mason's faces makes it all worth my having to sit through all of those "sweaty" pictures :)

  8. Oops, forgot to mention how much I LOVED the last pictures of my sweetie pie Landon wearing all the gear. I am sure that Ella would find him quite "manly"

  9. First of all, I missed you guys! So happy to read an update (although, I TOTALLY understand when life gets in the way). Second of all, I just about giggled out loud at the pictures of Landon and all of the boys at the end of the post. SO SUPER UNBELIEVABLY cute!!!!

    Looks like you had a great time!

  10. That looked like it was a lot of fun!! Your boys are so freakin cute :)

  11. Love that last photo especially of all three boys - way too cute!!!!

  12. Your boys are so adorable! What a fun night for them! Ugh, sweat falling on the first few rows, YUCK. We went to see Tom Jones at an outdoor venue on the hottest day of the year one time, and the sweat would do its own aerial acrobatics. Gross. (But Tom was great.)

  13. The last three photos are just brilliant!

  14. I don't do wrestling either (yay for girls!!), but it looks like you all had a great time! Oh, and the sweat falling on people closer to you totally grosses me out too....

  15. Okay so I'm just say'n you have to be the best mom EVER...I'm not sure I can do wrestling...I adore my boys, but this girls has limits! LOL I will say it looks like the boys had a great time and could Landon be any cuter dressed up in all of the gear?! I'm sure one day soon he'll have just as much fun as his brothers!

  16. I love! those pictures- never too many! All of your boys are adorable and it sounds like a wonderful date!

  17. Oh Landon. He makes wrestling gear look adorable!