Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year

Well it has been a while since I posted last and lots has been going on.  We had a busy Christmas having fun and visiting with friends and family.  We went to Mason's school Holiday Party where the boys got make ornaments for our tree and of course "reindeer food", how else would the reindeer know where to land and boy would they be hungry by the time they did.  After all, they "ARE" carrying alot of weight.....literally:)

Scott and I also got to take the boys on our very 1st "Polar Express"!  SO.MUCH.FUN.  For those of you who do not know my husband, he is a little kid in a big person's body.  The trip up there was funny keeping the kids in suspense as to where we were going and trying to convince them that the "deer" crossing sign on the highway was an abbreviation for "reindeer".  Once we pulled up to the train station, the expression on their faces was absolutely priceless.  The kids got funny faces "hole punched" into their tickets and of course a cup of hot chocolate (just like the movie)........oh yeah, let's not forget their very own "bell"!  There was food and Christmas caroling and of course a visit by the big guy himself - Santa!  Mason and Elijah are at a really good age to enjoy this.  It was nice to see them being sweet to one another and just having pure fun!  I wish everyday was like that........but I'm not unrealistic, I'll take whatever I can get! lol  I am hoping that this will be a new family tradition for years to come!

We also attended a Christmas party for our local support group - 21FrienDs!  Yet another fun day!  Mason and Elijah did arts and crafts (and ran around of course) while Landon just sat back and took it all in.  I'm sure he will be running around with his brothers and his new buddies next year!  Landon also met Santa for the very first time (and I think he thought his beard tasted pretty good)!  lol  Scott and I had the opportunity to meet some new families that we look forward to sharing our journey with!  What a wonderful group of people to travel with!

Landon celebrated his very first Christmas this year!  Yes, the year of wrapping paper! lol:)  He did a great job opening his presents and an even better job at eating the wrapping paper.  Very cute!  This was also the year for video games!  Mason and Elijah like to spend their free time playing the Wii or their DS and Leapster L-Max!  So this year they asked for lots of games!  Fine by me, shopping made easy!  All in all it was a wonderful holiday season.  Time spent with family and friends being the best gift of all! 

For the first time Scott and I let Mason and Elijah stay up 'til midnight on New Year's Eve (Landon stayed up late too and crashed around 8:30pm.....ha!)  The boys were so excited to stay up until around 10:30pm when it started to catch up to them.  Scott resorted to some old re-runs of Three Stooges to keep the boys awake.  Well, it actually worked, and then the BIG 12:00..........when we toasted with our cups of egg nog and wished each other a Happy New Year, the response was very overwhelming........THAT'S IT??!!  I guess the ball dropping in Times Square was not so exciting after all!  I think that was the first time sending the kids to bed wasn't a hassle.  I never seen them run to their beds so fast!  lol:)  Isn't it funny how we think we know what the kids will absolutely love and then BAM! our ego's are crushed.  Overall it was a nice day, we went out for lunch, we played lots of Wii games and watched a movie.  Nice. Family. Time.  I wonder what next year will bring..........but I can wait!

Finally, I decided that I will not make any New Year Resolutions this year but rather a promise to myself!  You see, this year has opened my eyes to the many challenges Landon faces and how hard he has to work to do the smallest of things (not by choice).  So, my promise is that in honor of Landon, I too will challenge myself to a "healthier me"!  The choice is mine, and I choose to be healthy for my family! 

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers and's to a healthy one!

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