Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Therapy

Today was Landon's 1st water therapy session!  I must admit that I was a little nervous going in seeing that Landon did not spend any time in our pool this past summer.  He does have a love for the tub however!  There is a big difference between a bathtub and a pool! 

Well, I must say, Mr. Landon never ceases to amaze me!  It took him all of 5 minutes to get acquainted with his new therapists and was showtime!  He tolerated the full hour with one dislike............the flippers. lol:)  His therapists were pleasantly surprised at how much he did for his first time in the pool, which in turn, made me pleasantly happy! I'm so glad Landon"s experience was a good one! It has been a tough couple of weeks for our little guy (literally, still 15pounds at 11 months old) battling congestion!  What a tough cookie he is!

I'm a little sad that I actually forgot my camera (pics soon to come)!  The funniest part of this whole experience was that not only was Landon"s bathing suit too big, but so was his swim diaper!  I couldn"t find anything smaller than a size 3/4.  Keep in mind that Landon still wears size 1 diapers!  Oh well, can't promise nothing made it's way into the pool! Ha!


  1. OH, that sounds super, Emmie would love that! I am soooo waiting for some pics!!!

  2. Oh that sounds so awesome. I bet he had a blast. I will keep posted to see how he likes it. I so want that for Wysdom as he loves his bath to..but you never know how the pool will be. He sounds like he has lots of endurance.:)

  3. that is great that he enjoyed his water therapy so much!