Monday, January 25, 2010

Independent vs. Dependent Sitter, this past Christmas (Landon at 10 1/2 months old) started sitting up on his own (being propped into  a sitting position) for around 1 minute at a time.  His therapists were quite impressed seeing Landon doesn't perform on cue!  As excited as I was for Landon, I could never bring myself to say that he was an independent sitter.  Of course, he still needed the support (so actually dependent) in case he fell. His therapists seem to think if he can sit longer that 1/2 a minute by himself then we could technically say he is indeed an independent sitter.  He has such great posture and sits completely straight until you ask him to reach for a toy. Ha!  Very cute to see!

This month (at 11 months old) he has begun sitting for longer periods of time (we are talking like 20 minutes at a time) without the constant need for someone to be right by his side.  He actually breaks his fall quite gracefully!  lol  But now I find myself still not able to say he is an independent sitter.  Now my excuse is that he can't actually get "himself" into a sitting position on his own (even though he gets closer every day).  I'm not really sure what this all means to be honest.  Denial, perhaps!  I am so excited for Landon reaching this milestone.  A very bittersweet moment.  It shows just how hard he has been working.  Maybe part of me is a little sad that he is actually on his way to becoming a toddler.  I have absolutely loved the fact that Ladon has been little for a longer period of time.  We all know how quickly they grow!  I love to watch the real pure joy he has playing with toys and his brothers now!  It's a whole new world sitting up (things really do look different more than 6 inches off the ground). lol:)

Independent..............dependent.............does it really matter?!  Landon doesn't seem to think so!  So, why should I!  He is just enjoying life!  Hard work and endurance has really paid off!  Well worth waiting for! 



  1. Yes, you are in denial. He is definitely an independent sitter. But I know how you feel. When people tell me how big Em is getting, I get a little pang in my heart. I (we) want our kids to learn and grow, but maybe not so fast?
    It seems like time is flying at speeds that take my breath away sometimes.
    Landon is absolutely beautiful, and he's still a baby,LOL. I so don't like the word toddler.
    Enjoy every second!!

  2. He is looking like such an independent sitter to me. That is great. That is awesome. What a cutie.

  3. He looks pretty solid sitting there, and rather accomplished! What a great smile he has.

  4. Rock on Landon! Looks like a little sitter to me....but you're so right-does it matter? NAH! I ask myself....will Nate walk one day? (the answer is 'yes'). So does it matter if he walks now, today? (no). Would it matter if he never walked? (no). Landon's gonna sit-crawl-walk-run-climb-jump-play...and if he feels like lingering in any one stage of his life...all the better. That just means you get to enjoy that stage of his life a little bit longer! I don't like the word toddler either!
    And what a cutie-pie he is!!

  5. Hi Kelly!
    I'm so glad you started "following" my blog because when I clicked on yours and it opened I fell in love! Landon is such a cutie pie!! I completely understand how you feel about the sitting! I have had so many of the same moments! I look forward to following your journey!

  6. Oh my, what a beautiful little guy. Lucas is about at the same stage of sitting. He can sit for long periods but I always have a pillow behind him just in case. He does not catch himself very well yet.

    So glad you found me so I could find you!

  7. I'd call that independent sitting! Go Landon!

  8. Just found your blog...Landon is gorgeous, and must agree looks pretty independent too!! I look forward to following your journey