Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess who the Toothfairy will be visiting soon?!

Almost 2 weeks ago, Landon turned 1, and we have been over the moon in celebrating such a joyous occasion.  Yes, this past year has gone by quickly, but surprisingly........


But 2 days ago, my oldest son, Mason (7), was eagerly waiting to share some news with me when I got home from work.  With the biggest smile on his face he informed me that he officially has a loose tooth (possibly 2).  This is big............with the loss of the baby teeth, comes "ADULT" teeth and a visit from the toothfairy who also holds the secret to the money tree.  How much does a tooth go for these days???

Confession.........I have the weakest stomache when it comes to loose teeth.  I cannot watch a child wiggling their tooth at any cost.  (Think, nails across a chalkboard).  Ugh!  This is definitely "Daddy" territory.  It took all I had to celebrate Mason's official "BIG BOY" moment.  (Well, I did, just with my eyes closed)! Ha!

You see, my husband is 1 of 3 boys, and now we have 3 boys.  Needless to say, I am going to have many fun years ahead being digusted and tormented by these little...uummmm, shall I say.........."ANGELS"!  lol  Yes, Mason needs to show me just how wiggly that tooth is (laughing the entire time).  I'm all set with  Hmmm, that's ok, we'll see who's laughing when it finally falls out.  That's right, I can hold my own in this male dominated household. It's called "MOMMY SURVIVAL 101" (otherwise known as a sense of humor).  lol

I have to say, as I sat down that night to unwind from a very long day, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks..........and I realized my "baby" boy is growing up.........


This one is tough to swallow.  I guess because Mason was my first born and with that comes all the firsts.........very.bittersweet.moments.


  1. Ok, for starters, the first tooth always goes for more than the rest. Also, our tooth fairy leaves a trail of fairy dust on the cheeks of the kiddos, but not sure how boys would feel about fairy dust. I can only imagine how much fun a 7 year old boy will have torturing his mommy with a wiggly tooth. They can smell fear you know!

  2. Bella tortures me with her wiggly teeth, grosses me out!!!

    And it's not a happy occasion for me either. I love all those sweet little teeth. My kids are so proud of there lost teeth, but it makes me a little sad.

    Andrew refused to give his tooth to the tooth fairy. He wanted to keep it. I've never had that issue before. The fairy came anyway.

    And here's a stupid question. Am I supposed to copy that award and name 7 more people too?

  3. And in class Mason is wondering when will I ever lose a tooth!.. Incidentally, Mommy, the last student to lose his first tooth in class!

    My own Ross refused to let us pull his first dangling tooth. Not understanding his worry/fear, as he has always been very brave and stoic, I asked why not? My sweet 7 year old said that his "all-knowing" 9 year old cousin told him some strange woman would sneak into his room and steal his tooth right out from under his pillow! Needless to say, we had a nice talk. I left a note under his pillow requesting the Tooth Fairy mark his teeth (so Ross couldn't try to "double dip" into the fairy bank) and leave them in safe keeping with me. Still have the ziploc in his remembrance box! Thanks so much for forwarding me the link to your precious page. God's blessings from Mrs. Guy (Mason's teacher)