Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Landon!

One year ago today, Landon came into this world willful and determined to be his own person.  It's so hard to believe that a whole year has passed and Landon is actually "1" today with a personality all his own!  Has anyone figured out how to make time stand still?  If so, please let me know........I already tried taking the batteries out of the clock but that didn't seem to work! lol 

Landon has been very busy this past year.  He has taken on a full therapeutic schedule 5 days a week, has been going to a local daycare/preschool (with his brother Elijah) 2 days a week, has been cheering on his big brothers at their sporting events, has attended lots of birthdays and playdates........and has been on numerous day trips and functions with his family.  Yes, he has a busier social life than his parents:)  But, Landon has been the busiest this year bringing so much love and joy to all his family and friends. 

I have written a letter to Landon for his first birthday.  Maybe someday I will share it with all of you, but for now, it will be our "little secret".  But, I will share, all the wonderful things that we are celebrating today that Landon has learned to do this year through such hard work and determination.............

Landon can:

*tolerate an hours worth of therapy with a smile on his face:)
*play with manipulative toys
*hold a book and turn the pages
*pick up food with a pincer grasp (now if we can only get the food to his mouth)
*drink from a sippy cup (with some assistance)
*get into a crawling position and rock back and forth ......on his own
*worm his way over to any toy out of reach (military crawl, coming soon)
*dance (bop) to music (loves it!!)
*play peek-a-boo
*pinch your cheeks (payback for those of you who pinch his)
*give kisses (and sometimes licks)
*sign: more, eat, milk, all done, hi/bye (when he feels like it), doggie (almost),
ma-ma (so close)......and probably some signs that only he knows about and best that we don't(lol)
*play with his big brothers
*laugh (the cutest belly laugh when he plays with his big brothers)
*SMILE - the most amazing smile (that can light up a room)
*Say Da-Da
*make lots of sounds....dada, baba, lala
*make funny faces
*stick out his tongue ( anyone surprised)

I have taken so much pride in all that Landon has accomplished this year and feel so much joy in each of the milestone's that he has met.  What I am enjoying most is watching the relationships that Landon is building and the connections that he is making with those around him.  He is out there....... LIVING.LEARNING.LOVING and GROWING!  Landon is leaving his "unique" imprint on  the hearts of those lucky enough to meet him.  This world "IS" a better place with Landon in it:)

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby boy!  Show the world what you've got!!!

Here are a few pictures from today. Poor Landon woke up with a fever and after seeing the Pedi this afternoon we have discovered that he still has an ear infection.  Poor little guy:(  He was determined not to let that spoil his BIG day....................


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Landon!!! What a beautiful post!
    Landon is doing great, and so busy. Em likes to be busy too. And all those signs, that's amazing.
    The world is a better place with Landon, and I'm so happy to have met him and you and your beautiful family.

  2. Wow...such a beautiful post! I swear, Landon melts my heart when I see his picture pop up on the screen. He is so handsome!! Happy 1st Birthday Landon! You can do so many great things!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mutterings & Musings...otherwise I wouldn't have found your gorgeous family! Happy Belated Birthday to Landon!!!! He's a beautiful little guy!!!