Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess who the Toothfairy will be visiting soon?!

Almost 2 weeks ago, Landon turned 1, and we have been over the moon in celebrating such a joyous occasion.  Yes, this past year has gone by quickly, but surprisingly........


But 2 days ago, my oldest son, Mason (7), was eagerly waiting to share some news with me when I got home from work.  With the biggest smile on his face he informed me that he officially has a loose tooth (possibly 2).  This is big............with the loss of the baby teeth, comes "ADULT" teeth and a visit from the toothfairy who also holds the secret to the money tree.  How much does a tooth go for these days???

Confession.........I have the weakest stomache when it comes to loose teeth.  I cannot watch a child wiggling their tooth at any cost.  (Think, nails across a chalkboard).  Ugh!  This is definitely "Daddy" territory.  It took all I had to celebrate Mason's official "BIG BOY" moment.  (Well, I did, just with my eyes closed)! Ha!

You see, my husband is 1 of 3 boys, and now we have 3 boys.  Needless to say, I am going to have many fun years ahead being digusted and tormented by these little...uummmm, shall I say.........."ANGELS"!  lol  Yes, Mason needs to show me just how wiggly that tooth is (laughing the entire time).  I'm all set with  Hmmm, that's ok, we'll see who's laughing when it finally falls out.  That's right, I can hold my own in this male dominated household. It's called "MOMMY SURVIVAL 101" (otherwise known as a sense of humor).  lol

I have to say, as I sat down that night to unwind from a very long day, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks..........and I realized my "baby" boy is growing up.........


This one is tough to swallow.  I guess because Mason was my first born and with that comes all the firsts.........very.bittersweet.moments.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You!

My new friend Erin over at Unforeseen Gifts has nominated me for this "Beautiful Blogger" award.  Erin is mom to Natalie and Lucas and I am so happy that I stumbled across her blog.  I am honored to be sharing this journey with Erin and her family.  Please stop by and pay them a visit.  Lots of cuteness going on over there.  Thank you Erin for the nomination, you are way too kind. 

The rules to this award are:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

OK, 7 "interesting" things about me:
1.  I was born and raised (and still live) in New Bedford, MA (yes, almost 37yrs. now). 

2.  I always wanted to have "lots" of kids.  Hmmm, what was I thinking?..........3 is way more than enough for me! Ha!

3.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to teach sign the blind (embarrasing)

4.  I secretly still wish that I was a hairdresser!

5.  I love to read.......when I have time:)

6.  I have a BA in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice..............but, I am a Senior Accountant.

7.  I have recently been contemplating going back to school for a Master's in Special Education.

And my nominations go to (this is so hard seeing I enjoy so many blogs):
1.  Sasha, The Wonder of Wysdom
2.  Stephanie, Daily Smiles
3.  Kelli, Love for Colin
4.  Jill, Rivers of Joy
5.  Eric and Crista, Getting Down with Nate
6.  Carrie, Life As We Know It
7.  Jessica, A Deeper Shade of Love

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Landon's Christening/1st Birthday Celebration

A week ago this past Saturday, our closest friends and family, got together to celebrate Landon's 1st Birthday and (finally) his Christening.  Generally, he would have been baptized months ago, but we were a bit nervous in the beginning with Landon's lack of neck/muscle control.  Why, you might ask? 

You see, my husband is Catholic and I am Greek Orthodox.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with a traditional Catholic baptism.  Short and sweet with baby being held securely in ones arms.  Well, this is not the case with a traditional (what seems to be see Greek's have this thing with doing everything in 3's..............hence, neverending) Greek baptism.  Has anyone out there ever seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"..............the "adult" baptism scene?  A must see!  Our lucky little cherubs get stripped down to their birthday suits and dunked into a big basin of not so warm water and lathered in olive oil like a little grease monkey.  Slippery baby + lack of neck control + "elderly" priest = wait until baby turns 1!  Many who witness this are in awe of this beautiful and different ceremony, but I am sure secretly thinking..........thank GOD that's not me!

Now imagine, Landon has had an ear infection for at least one week at this time and woke up sick and vomiting.  You see, we couldn't cancel as we had already booked a reception at a local function hall/golf course and we are expected at the church in a couple of short hours.  Then, my poor little monkey, had to be stripped down to his birthday suit in front of 60+ people who are staring at him and then dunked into luke warm (if not cold by then) water.  And this is expected to be a "joyous"  Although Landon got through this much better than expected, he still was not himself.

We then ventured 10 minutes away to the function hall where we were going to have a lunch reception and a yummy (and absolutely adorable 1st birthday cake)......THANK.YOU.PAT., you are amazing! Landon spent most of the time at the reception sleeping in my arms.  Hey, it is not a party until the guest of honor falls asleep! HA!  I finally woke him up so that we could sing Happy Birthday and he could have a bite of his 1st Birthday cupcake!  First of all, Landon just looked around at everyone singing with big watery eyes..........this coming from the baby boy who loves to smile and clap his hands as you sing to him:(  Then his big brothers helped him blow out his candle.......and then I attempted to give him a lick of frosting.................Landon's thoughts..........I'll pass...........thankyouverymuch, mommy............and he let out a big cry!  Not the 1st Birthday celebration I had in mind!  It's OK, I am over it now! 

The most important thing about that day was that Landon was surrounded by his closest friends and family, all who love him very much!  He is one lucky little boy! We actually got all the kids together to take a picture with Landon (the best gift ever).  For a split second, time stood still, and I just took it all in.  How fortunate and lucky is Landon to be loved and accepted (UNCONDITIONALLY) by so many people.  Children who truly see Landon for who he is, their brother, cousin and friend! ACCEPTANCE.  Yes, this day (sickness and all), was a day of "CELEBRATION".  A day to celebrate all the joy Landon brings to our lives!  Thank you to all our family and friends for making Landon's Christening/1st Birthday such a memorable one!  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Message to Our Baby Brother on his 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday landon. We can't believe you're 1 today. Elijah and I have been watching you work so hard during your therapi sessions  to get strong enough to play with us.  Now you know how to sit, playing with you is so much fun. you like it when I read to you. you love to dance to music and  when we sing to you . I love to hold you and somtimes feed you but I leave the dirty diapers to mommy & daddy.  I can't wait until you are older to sleep in our room and play in the snow with me. And most of all I love you Landon. but there's someone on the other hand who wants to write and that is elijah. (typed by big brother Mason, 7, with a little grammar help from mommy).

I love Landon! I like to play toys with  you. You have to be nice when you pinch our cheeks and not scratch us. I want to learn teach you how to read. Happy birthday to you- happy birthday to you - happy birthday dear Landon - happy birthday to you. Your so nice and I love your little ears.(typed by big brother Elijah, 4 with a little help from Daddy).

Happy 1st Birthday Landon!

One year ago today, Landon came into this world willful and determined to be his own person.  It's so hard to believe that a whole year has passed and Landon is actually "1" today with a personality all his own!  Has anyone figured out how to make time stand still?  If so, please let me know........I already tried taking the batteries out of the clock but that didn't seem to work! lol 

Landon has been very busy this past year.  He has taken on a full therapeutic schedule 5 days a week, has been going to a local daycare/preschool (with his brother Elijah) 2 days a week, has been cheering on his big brothers at their sporting events, has attended lots of birthdays and playdates........and has been on numerous day trips and functions with his family.  Yes, he has a busier social life than his parents:)  But, Landon has been the busiest this year bringing so much love and joy to all his family and friends. 

I have written a letter to Landon for his first birthday.  Maybe someday I will share it with all of you, but for now, it will be our "little secret".  But, I will share, all the wonderful things that we are celebrating today that Landon has learned to do this year through such hard work and determination.............

Landon can:

*tolerate an hours worth of therapy with a smile on his face:)
*play with manipulative toys
*hold a book and turn the pages
*pick up food with a pincer grasp (now if we can only get the food to his mouth)
*drink from a sippy cup (with some assistance)
*get into a crawling position and rock back and forth ......on his own
*worm his way over to any toy out of reach (military crawl, coming soon)
*dance (bop) to music (loves it!!)
*play peek-a-boo
*pinch your cheeks (payback for those of you who pinch his)
*give kisses (and sometimes licks)
*sign: more, eat, milk, all done, hi/bye (when he feels like it), doggie (almost),
ma-ma (so close)......and probably some signs that only he knows about and best that we don't(lol)
*play with his big brothers
*laugh (the cutest belly laugh when he plays with his big brothers)
*SMILE - the most amazing smile (that can light up a room)
*Say Da-Da
*make lots of sounds....dada, baba, lala
*make funny faces
*stick out his tongue ( anyone surprised)

I have taken so much pride in all that Landon has accomplished this year and feel so much joy in each of the milestone's that he has met.  What I am enjoying most is watching the relationships that Landon is building and the connections that he is making with those around him.  He is out there....... LIVING.LEARNING.LOVING and GROWING!  Landon is leaving his "unique" imprint on  the hearts of those lucky enough to meet him.  This world "IS" a better place with Landon in it:)

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby boy!  Show the world what you've got!!!

Here are a few pictures from today. Poor Landon woke up with a fever and after seeing the Pedi this afternoon we have discovered that he still has an ear infection.  Poor little guy:(  He was determined not to let that spoil his BIG day....................