Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6: A Random Picture that makes you Happy

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!  Scott & I surprised Mason & Elijah by taking them to the WWE Summer Tour @ the Cape Cod Melody Tent last August to end our summer off with a bang.  The boys are HUGE wrestling fans!  On the way home, the boys kept saying that they cannot wait until Landon is old enough to go to a wrestling event with us.  They were so excited to tell Landon about their adventure.  And in true brotherly fashion......Mason & Elijah dressed Landon up in his very own John Cena wrestling gear!!  I just LOVE how Mason & Elijah INCLUDE Landon in EVERYTHING!!  Nothing makes me happier than to see my boys bonding and making brotherly memories!! 


  1. all three boys could NOT have happier looks on their faces - that is a definite "framer" :) that picture just makes you happy looking at it!!!

  2. Oh that picture makes me smile too! Love it!

  3. It's impossible not to love this picture! I remember when you posted it the first time. The boys are so happy, you just have to be happy with them!