Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Official......

.......Landon is now a member of the TUBE CLUB!!!  One week ago today, I sat in the operating room at Children's Hospital Boston, with a medical team of "6", and held my baby boy in my arms as he slowly went to sleep......and.i.was.a.MESS!!!  I tried to prepare myself for that day, getting lots of words of encouragement from those who joined the club before us.  And I must say, after this experience, I am convinced that you just never get used to it!  I held it together until his eyes started to roll behind his head....and then....I lost it!  That was the very moment, I realized that I was the one being comforted by "the team".  It was such a pathetic sight....and I am glad that it is over!!

Scott & I waited patiently in the waiting room, watching the clock intensely, after all this was "supposed" to be a 10 minute procedure.  Twenty-five minutes later we were brought into the recovery room to see our little trooper.  

...........Let me back track a bit here............

 Landon's surgery was scheduled for 7:30am.  We live about 45 minutes south of Boston.  However, we had to be at the hospital 1 1/2 hours prior to surgery......6am...which means we had to leave our house by 5am......which means we had to be up @ 4:15am to get ourselves & Landon up & out the door by 5!!!  When I went in Landon's room to get him up.......both eyes were SEALED SHUT!!!  Yep, total congestion, cough & a runny nose!!!  Oh, and did I mention that he had just finished his Augmentin, two days prior, for a double ear infection!!  That would make 3 ear infections in 1 month (which means antibiotics for 1 month straight)!!  

So to the hospital we go, wondering if they are going to go through with the surgery.  When Dr. Lee met with us prior to the surgery, he examined Landon and checked his ears....and wouldn't you know it....another stinkin' ear infection.  Poor little guy, just can't catch a break!!  Dr. Lee felt that it would be in Landon's best interest if we proceeded with the surgery.  Scott & I agreed.  

........Fast forward here!!.........

Twenty-five minutes later....why....because of that ear infection!!  Apparently, when Dr. Lee made the incision in his right ear....EXPLOSION.....(I won't gross you out with the details)!!!  His right ear had to be cleaned & suctioned out well, and sort of took a little more time than originally expected.  When we were brought in to see Landon he was awake and out of the crib already, a nurse was holding him and they were watching the construction work out the window.  She informed us that that was Landon's preference, and he was very adamant about it!!  Seems our little smiley boy awoke from the anesthesia quite fussy & irritable!!  It was awful seeing him like that, so uncomfortable:(  After some Tylenol, and his milk, we got the thumbs up to go home (about 1 hour later)!!  Landon slept the whole way home.....and when we got home.....he was ready to get back to his regular schedule....PLAYTIME!!!

Scott & I noticed some immediate results, definitely a little more sensitive to sound, and tons of babbling.  It was as if he LOVED the sound of his own voice!!  Over the next couple of days, we also noticed Landon starting to walk with his opposed to walking with his arms up like a zombie.  It appears that his balance is much better.  And now a week later, we are hearing even more sounds, /m/, /b/, /d/ & /l/'s!  He is now saying 5 words clear enough for others to understand: eat (eeeeee, while signing eat), light (liiiiiiii, while pointing up at the light), yes (yeeeaaahhh, while signing yes), up (uuhhh, while signing/pointing up) and Elijah (LiLi, long i) while pointing at Elijah!!!  I'm so happy to see the progress in this area and so proud of our little man!!

Landon recently caught another cold and his nose and eyes are runny again.  Brought him to the pediatrician for an ear check.....and I am happy to report.....the TUBES are working......they were in place & NO FLUID!!!  YEAH!!!

As nervous as I was about this whole procedure, I can honestly say, it is the BEST thing we could have done for Landon.  I'm just so sorry that he had to endure all those ear infections this past year.




  1. We just had a check up 5 months after Owens tubes were put in and ..their gone ! I can't believe it, I don't want to rush back to surgery already like you I find it hard seeing my baby go under- You are so lucky to see an immediate result ! Those words are LOVELY JUBLEY ! Go Landon!

  2. That is awesome about all the progress!
    {and Max has those same jammies!}

  3. it's absolutely torture to watch your child be put under. but tubes were a miracle for Andrew also, immediate results. so worth it.. (afterwards)!!
    Miss Em will be joining the club on April 13th!!

  4. WELCOME to the club Landon!! Pres has had two sets put in... no fun but Kelly, you will be soooo happy, as will Landon, to say "SEE YA!" to those horrible ear infections. And oh my, it seems like Landon got some rough ones... poor little guy!
    You did great Mom, kiss the precious tough guy for me and Presley!!

  5. I am so glad you don't regret the decision and that the tubes are working like they should. I love hearing about the progress in speech and walking. Sooo cool!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! Russell was suppose to go in this Friday for tubes but they have reschedueled him for the end of this month...I am really nervous about it...But reading this makes me feel better :)

  7. Glad it all went well. So thankful for his quick progress in speech because of it! YEAH!!!

  8. Its amazing what a difference those little tubes can make! I think they helped Jax hearing, although there is no way to know from him!

  9. Such a cutie. I wasn't sure what tube club you were joining. Glad it is the ear club(not g tube one). Hopefully that helps with the infections and drainage. Wysdom's took longer than the 10 minutes to. Never great to hand your baby over. I cry each time.

  10. Thanks for this post! I think Claire is heading this way soon. Most of her trouble this winter has been sinus congestion. All that congestion has led to fluid in the ear, but no infections. We just finished another round (her 6th in the last few months) of antibiotics and the fluid is still there. We go back in 6 weeks for another check. If the fluid is still there she'll be joining the club. Like you I'm not a fan of the anethesia, but if she needs it, we'll get it done!

  11. Anna has had 4 surgeries (3 eye, 1 ear tube) - and I am still not used to her being put under. It just weirds me out to see them go so lifeless.
    But -- so glad that the ear tubes are working!!! I couldn't believe the immediate results Anna had either. The tubes really made a marked improvement in her balance.
    Hopefully it is good-bye to those nasty ear infections!