Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I'm back, with pics, as promised!!  We kicked off our Christmas celebration on Saturday at Mason & Elijah's school "Holiday Celebration".  Short & sweet (an hour and a half) of donuts & milk, crafts and a visit from the big guy!!  The highlight of this celebration was when we actually left the party, hopped in our car and were ready to exit the school parking lot...........the principal ran outside and waved us down.......apparently, Elijah won the 8ft stocking raffle!!  Now is that a happy ending or what??!!

The festivities continued on Sunday with our local Down syndrome support group, 21FrienDS!  A fun time was had by all, even those that were feeling under the weather!  It was a great turnout!  Families who have come together because of our little Christmas "angels", TRUE GIFTS!!!  For entertainment, we sang & danced with our local, South Coast Music Together!!  What a treat:) Thanks Kim, for giving us another wonderful memory to add to our "memory box"!  And it wouldn't be a Christmas party without a special visit from the jolly guy himself, Santa Clause!

On Christmas Eve, the boys made some cookies & pumpkin bread for Santa (yes, Santa LOVES pumpkin bread)!!  This year, Landon was able to help his brothers out!!

Tradition is, Christmas Eve is spent with  my side of the family and Christmas dinner is spent with Scott's side of the family!  Two nights of great food and even better company!  This years "high low light" of Christmas Eve was Elijah running into the corner of the table and cutting his lip.  Not exactly the best way to end the evening:(

Seeing we avoided stitches & the emergency room, we headed home just in time to sprinkle some reindeer food on our lawn, attempt to take a semi-family picture and set the cookies, pumpkin bread & milk out for Santa!

Keeping the kiddos up late on the eve, really paid off on Christmas morning.  We all slept in, and when the kids awoke, they quietly watched TV (right beside the tree) and waited ever so patiently for Scott & I to meet them downstairs!  What a wonderful present for mommy & daddy!!  No wonder Santa was so good to them:)

And finally, the highlight of Christmas evening was Landon determined to join the fun (with Daddy & Mason dancing to the Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii).  If you missed our last post, you can watch the video here, it was tons of fun!!

(My boy can dance........watch out ladies!!!)

All in all, we had a fabulous Christmas!!  We did however have some glitches along the way.........like all 3 boys home from school Christmas week with fevers, strep throat for 2 out of 3 boys and the lost package (by UPS) that had mommy out for 3+ hours on Christmas Eve searching for the most popular toys that only Santa's elves could make!!  WINK!!!  

But in the end, when you are surrounded by family, friends and lots of love........NOTHING, could ruin Christmas!!  Hope yours was a MERRY one too!!!


  1. i love the family pictures. you guys are beautiful!

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas, loads of celebrations. I love the family pictures, what a beautiful family. Wow Landon dancing....these the the most exciting days!

  3. Loved the post! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! :) Can't wait to see you all! Oh and by the way...WAY TO GO LANDON! The standing up alone is amazing!!

  4. Ok, I'm going out and buying that video game. Mondo got it for the DS, but its not the same. I would rock it, I was a dancer that frequently watched and learned Michaels dances!

  5. Your boys are all so adorable!! Have to say I am a little jeleous that they slept in for you and waited patiently till you guys woke up!! Mine were up at the crack of dawn!! Ha ha
    Love the pic of Landon looking at Mickey Mouse!

  6. wow that is some stocking!! I bet that was exciting to win. Love the snow pics!