Monday, December 27, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Happy Holidays, friends!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.  Ours was a "merry" one.  I am very short on time this evening as I am tending to my sick little love (yes, Landon's nasty fever is back).  I thought I might leave you with a sneak peek of one of the many highlights of our "holiday" week.  I promise to be back tomorrow to share some pics with all of you!

OK, confession, I have to post this video, quickly, before it mysteriously

Santa was very good to the boys...........can you guess which one was SERIOUSLY having the most fun??!!

(You may, must, want to pause the music @ the bottom of the page, you don't want to miss this:)

(The Michael Jackson Experience, for the Wii)

Some may say, "Awww, what a sweet father & son moment/memory".........and some may be thinking (along with me), "Can someone please remind Scott that activities like this (at age 40 and over) are cause for SERIOUS back pain, the day after"!!  lol  

I guess you could say, both the young & young at heart, had an equally FUN time!!  


  1. SWEEEET moves!!!!! You guys are good!!!
    That looks like so much fun!

  2. I LOVED IT!!! My favorite was the move where they had to jump forward with both feet :) Your hubby looks like he is a lot of fun and your is getting some serios moves!!

  3. That's hilarious!! That looks like so much fun. My kids would love that.

  4. Wooo hoooo...way to go Scott!! :)

  5. That video is awesome!

    So sorry Landon still isn't feeling well. Hope he is better soon! Hugs dear Landon!!

  6. Ha ha...Thats awesome!! I love Dads who get right in there and play with their kids!!
    Hope Landon feels better soon!!

  7. Thank you for all your comments and for not poking fun at me like my wife did by posting this video! Yes, it is a lot of fun (highly recommend it)! Did you notice anyone missing from this video? Yes, my wife, who can always be found "behind" the camera so she is not caught in front of the camera being silly like some of us!!!

  8. what a great video! love it :) Hope Landon is feeling better!

  9. That looks like so much fun! Someone has to take the video, right?
    Feel better soon Landon!

  10. that video is a riot! i hope it never disappears. and your son is a natural! you better watch out!

  11. I don't usually watch videos as they take forever to load on my computer, but that one was great!!