Friday, December 31, 2010


It's 10 minutes to I will make this quick!  Landon had his chest x-ray this morning and he did such a GREAT job!!  Three pictures and he was done.......not even 10 minutes!!  An hour later we headed back to the pediatrician's office for the results.  One rash is already going away, the other is still around....hoping it will find its way out, tomorrow!!  Landon did a little better eating today,  not much, but enough to say that he is moving in the right direction.

Chest x-ray........................CLEAR!!!!  Yeah!  His congestion is fierce and he is definitely uncomfortable:( But he is getting better!  Thank you so much for all the well wishes............they worked!!  I'm so amazed at how strong his tiny little body is!  We feel very blessed!

It's New Year's Eve and we are spending it, together!  Went to dinner, First Night and back home for more dancing..........we can't get enough of Michael Jackson!!!  lol

Happy New Year, friends...........may it be a HEALTHY one!!!  Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us all!!


  1. Happy New Year, right back at you my friend! How about a resolution... this year we meet!

    BTW, Em rocked in the New year!!! Saw it live!
    I love this kid!

    Thumbs up for the clear x-rays!

  2. Just catching up! You have been busy...but not with fun stuff! Happy New Year!!!xoxo Andrea

  3. So glad to hear that his lungs look clear and that he is on his way to feeling better!! 2011 is going to be the year for us all, I just know it!! Happy New Year!!