Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeding Update (2)

Someone has been making some semi-great gains in the "feeding" department.  Landon is slowly becoming more tolerant of different textures and is a little more open to new table foods.  And this mama couldn't be happier!!

For the past two months, each feeding session has begun with a palette of flavors.  Landon wasn't all that crazy for the "palette" which generally consists of: chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel, lemon juice and maple syrup.  At the beginning, Landon was very resistant to most of the flavors.  But I am happy to say we are having a major breakthrough.  Not only is Landon tolerant of "all" the flavors, he actually enjoys many of them.  He definitely has his preferences, but he is always willing to impress Miss Chris.  So with his handy little chew tube, Landon will dip the tube in the sauce and give it a great big chew (or lick).  And on some occasions, Landon feels like the tube is way over rated and reverts back to old faithful.....his hands!!  lol

Next on the list was to begin to add in some textures.  Honestly, I was so happy that Landon accepted new flavors..........BUT........I thought there was going to be MAJOR resistance to the textures. Well, what do I know, I'm just the "mommy"!!!  Not only did Landon "accept" the toothette.........he was chomping on it and dipping it in the palette like it was a lollipop!  Say whaaaa???!!!  Who's child is this anyway?!

All this practice is really starting to pay off.   S-L-O-W-L-Y......but we're moving in the right direction.  I am happy to say that Landon's menu is gaining some new items which consist of: veggie stix, cheese curls, Ritz crackers, fishies, graham crackers, pudding, rice krispies and kix cereal!!!  Although Landon is tolerant of all of these items.......he is not quite at "consistently" yet.  But we are working on it.  

Scott & I are constantly offering Landon new foods.  But I assure you, Scott & I are "always" put in our place.  Landon is the "BOSS" of this feeding thing!!!  But like any good boss...........on occasion, they surprise you with a bonus..............and Landon didn't disappoint...........

(a whole dinner role)


(a small order of french fries)!

Next plan of attack is the bottle-sippycup-straw thing!!!  Wish us luck;)


  1. Way to go Landon!What a super eater you are becoming!Hoping,hoping Zoey's becomes a big copy cater and begins eater just like you!

  2. Look at him go....I'd say he's well on his way to being a big boy eater! Good luck with the straw cup, I'm sure he'll do great!!!!

  3. Thats great! Way to go Landon :)

  4. How old is Landon again? Is he two yet? I'm trying to decide when to start Arina on the sippy cup thing. She is a rock star eater, I'll bring her over to give Landon a few tips!

  5. Yeah Landon! We are super proud of your progress. Can't wait to see you throwing back a 10 oz straw cup of milk!

  6. Hi! Haven't been in blog world for ages. That is great news for you and Landon. I think that is great and a huge accomplishment. We are making baby steps in the feeding area but seem to be using some of the same tools. Yeah Landon.

  7. yay! that is great news. good luck with the straw. i officially gave up. don't be me!

  8. Awesome!!! I see you have the chewy tubes - madilynn loves those at bed time especially!!

  9. Way to go Landon!! Claire loves the toothette too!