Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The snow finally made it's way to MA, and we got a decent amount.......enough to cancel school & we'll take it!!  It was nice to have a day off, ALL 5 of us, and just hang out.  That doesn't happen very often.  I have to say, I LOVE the snow, just not a fan of driving in it.  It has snowed about 3 times this winter and EVERY time it did, Landon has been sick:(  BUT, that was NOT the case today!  Today, I have 3 healthy boys!  So we hung out, were lazy, played games, read books, watched movies, had hot chocolate and sweets and, of course, we played in the SNOW!!!

We were a little disappointed earlier this morning as we looked out the window and saw that the plows had actually done their job.........I know, the nerve I have complaining about the streets being plowed!!  lol

You see, we live on street that ends in a cul-de-sac, so traffic is minimal.  And the street that runs right into our driveway has a GREAT slope (for kids) go SLEDDING!!!  Well, you can't sled if the streets do not have snow on them!  Fortunately, the snow decided that it wasn't ready to part with us and gave us a few more inches.  So, we waited until lunch time (when we knew the plow drivers would be taking their lunch) and we ran outside for some fun!  TRICKY, huh??!!!

Guess who finally had their very 1st snow day??  And he LOVED it!!

After Landon mastered the "bunny slope"......................

(VIDEO: pause music @ the bottom of the page)

He was ready to tackle the "black diamond" with his brothers!!!  lol

(VIDEO: pause music @ the bottom of the page)

A few more years and we will be hitting the REAL slopes!!! 


  1. Darn it!! I was really hoping that your hubby was going to take a tumble as he was running them down the street :) That would have made for a really good!! Looks like a great time had by all. Of course as you guys are all getting the wonderful white stuff, we are heading towards 80 degree temps this weekend. It is winter after all!!!

  2. Ha how sore were your hubs arms after all that pulling?? We're off today too! can you believe it?
    Em wasn't feeling well yesterday but today she'll get her first real feel of snow!

    i could just squeeze Landon's little face in that video.

  3. So much fun! Almost makes me wish I lived some place that got snow....almost! Luckily we live close enough to the mountains that we can make a day trip and I'm thinking that may be in order one day soon!

    Glad you all had a snow day at home together and no one was under the weather!

  4. Oh what a fun day. Glad most of our buddies are enjoying a snow day or two this week. Love that sled, Alayna kept diving off ours when Aidan was pulling her so no video of her first adventures in the snow.

  5. Wow that is a lot of snow for a one time snowing! I also thought your hubby was going to take a nose dive!

  6. It sure does look like he was enjoying that snow day!!