Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!!!

WOW!!  Can you believe it??  Landon is 2, today!!  This past year seemed to fly by even faster than the first.....YIKES!!  Although it's sad how quickly time goes by, TODAY, I am finding much joy in the place this amazing journey has taken us, so far. And I am feeling very blessed and thankful for this little love who has graced us with his presence.

At 2 years old, Landon..........

~has mastered the 4 point crawl
~can sign over 35 words, without prompting
~is beginning to self-feed (with a spoon)
~is beginning to take sips from a sippy cup & straw
~is FINALLY accepting new tastes and textures
~is officially WALKING more than crawling

~has 8 teeth (the 9th is on its way)......all 4 molars, 2 top front, 2 bottom front 
~has learned to climb on the couch (but has yet to find a more graceful way to get down)
~is PRACTICING climbing out of his crib, YIKES!!!:/
~can climb stairs alternating his knees and feet
~LOVES to take baths (and WILL NOT get out, until he is ready)
~LOVES MUSIC (singing and dancing are his favorite things to do)
~enjoys being read to (and is the best page turner)
~ADORES his big brothers (his face just lights up when they walk in the room)
~loves to WRESTLE with his brothers (and pull Elijah's hair)
~gives the best bear hugs and the sweetest and wettest kisses
~knows and points to different parts of his face & body
~can make the living room look like a tornado hit it in 2 seconds flat
~makes the silliest faces to make you laugh (especially when he knows he did something wrong)
~has begun the potty training process..........*sigh*

Landon had a very busy 2nd birthday............

~he went to feeding therapy first thing in the morning

~he went to PT in the afternoon

~then we went to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday dinner (well, we ate for him, lol)...and they did their signature "YEE HAW" for the birthday boy (and he actually sat on the saddle)

~then it was home for our family tradition "Birthday ICE CREAM CAKE" for dessert (and this year, Landon actually touched the cake and licked his fingers......the proof is on his "blue" tongue)!!  LOL

~then, of course, it was present time......I think Landon enjoyed the balloon & wrapping paper most!

We will be having Landon's party (with friends & family) next Saturday........BOWLING!!  Will post pics of the party then!!!  Here is a glimpse of Landon at a bowling party, last year..........cannot wait to see how he does this year:)


  1. Happy Birthday Landon! I love his can do list!!

  2. What an amazing little guy you have.He is just having such a burst of development.His list is incredible and quite impressive but more than anything,I love that infectious smile of his and the joyful twinkle in his eyes!Happy Birthday sweet Landon.

  3. Happy birthday Landon, I think I might be a little late but looking at your day you seemed to have had a wonderful time. Its amazing just how much you have accomplished in these 2 short years and I look forward to reading about all the wonderful things still to come. Love that smile of yours enough to melt all the young ladies hearts.

  4. Happy Birthday Landon! Looks like it was awesome!

  5. Way to Landon........Every year you grow into a wonderful little boy facing new challenges but determine to master them. You are blessed to have a wonderful family but not as much as they are to you have you!!!!!! Much Love The Rochester Crew...TinaMarie Brad Tara and Christopher oxoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Oh happy birthday Sweet Sweet Landon!!! You have already worked so hard and accomplished so much, and all with that contagious smile!

  7. Happy Birthday Landon! What an amazing little boy you have there! He is doing so wonderful and just seems like a pure joy to raise.

  8. I am so sorry that we are a day lat in wishing you a happy birthday Landon. I actually was on your blog last night but when I went to leave a comment, it froze up and I couldn't. So here we are a day late but still with as much love as always!! Hope your day was wonderful, big boy!!!

  9. What a fantastic post...You can just feel the love and excitment Landon brings to your home and your family!! What a wonderful list of all the many things Landon is learning and accomplishing! Looks like he had a fun birthday!

  10. Happy 2nd birthday to Landon! He looks like he was really enjoying the feeding therapy and PT! Also, seeing the basketball hoop just gave me an idea for a present for Lucas's birthday - thanks!

  11. Look, those presents are bigger than he is! Looks like he flexes his feet up when he sits like Arina does! Look at him walking, I can't believe he is getting so big!

  12. Happy, happy birthday, Landon!!! Wow, a busy day, indeed. The blue tongue makes all of his hard work that day worth it. :-) Loved the video - he's doing GREAT!!

  13. Happy 2nd Birthday to one of the cutest boys ever! Looks like you had a fun day.....and a very accomplished year! :) Hugs!

  14. Happy 2nd birthday!! He sure has come a long ways. Keep it up Landon!!

  15. Happy Belated 2nd Birthday Landon!! Sounds like he had a great, but busy birhtday. He seems like such an amazing kid, and one of the cutest ever! I love the long list of things he can do and the walking video! Congrats and good luck, your going to have your hands full this year!

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  18. What a fantastic post...You can just feel the love and excitment Landon brings to your home and your family!!

  19. What a fantastic post...You can just feel the love and excitment Landon brings to your home and your family!!