Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walking, Climbing & Recipes(?)

These past couple of weeks, Landon has been keeping us VERY BUSY!!  Ever since I caught him on video taking his "first steps", he has suddenly turned into a WALKING machine!!!  lol  Much to my surprise, Landon has been spending more time in the vertical position.  I wasn't sure how this walking thing was going to go.......a few steps today.......a few more next month!!!  NOPE......this little boy just can't get enough of it.  He pretty much spends most of his time PRACTICING........and that practice has paid off.  I have come to LOVE Landon's little penguin waddle.....and I love how he keeps his hands up near his shoulders to keep his balance.  WOW......this was so WORTH waiting for!!  We are really starting to see Landon's "personality", you know, the toddler version!!  He sure is one determined little boy.  If he should fall, no discouragement on his part, he just gets right back up again........and he will keep on going until he masters it!!  More video to come!!
LOVE that:) 

It seems Landon isn't going to stop at just walking!  The boy is really on the move!  We now have a climber, too!!  WHOA!  For the past 2 weeks when I have gone into Landon's room, I have found him standing up (grunting), and then I noticed him trying to lift his leg on the crib bar(which is on the lowest setting)!!  YIKES!!  This naughty little boy is now trying to CLIMB out of his crib!!  SERIOUSLY??!!  THIS EARLY?!
DON'T LOVE that:(

One of my biggest fears is of Landon falling out of his crib.  Well, it is a long way down for a little boy who is 20lbs and only 31" long!!  It's just a matter of time before he conquers this too!!  Ugh!  I don't think I am ready to move Landon to a day bed yet.  He is only going to be "2" this Friday!!!  I just can't see him in a "bed" yet......he would look more like a doll or stuffed animal in it!!  lol  I am also not ready for him to fall or climb out of a bed and get into lots of other mischief!!  YES, he sure is cute......but he sure can be naughty!!  After all, he is a boy:)  I'm just so afraid of the can of worms that we could be opening!  It's just too soon!!

I posted a comment on FB and got lots of feedback.  I am still interested in hearing more about what YOU did with your little one(s)!!  Please........HELP!!  The crib tent cover was suggested too.....I'll have to look more into this!  Landon is an explorer AND he is determined.  How long will it be before he figures his way out of that too??!!  Well I guess it could buy me time, right?! 

The reason I am really getting concerned is because this past weekend, Landon was so determined to climb an ottoman at a family birthday party.  Once he set his site on the ottoman, he was more determined than ever to conquer it.  After about 5 or 6 failed attempts, he put his frustration to good use!  YES, the boy succeeded.......and then.....HE WOULDN'T STOP!!!  Oh, and did I mention that he can climb onto our couch now.......just wish he could find a more graceful way to get off!!  lol

It's very interesting in this world of "delays" that he would be right on track in the terrible two's department!  Correction.......he is actually ahead of the game!!  lol  Although I am very happy for Landon's gross motor explosion.......I am so not ready to have 3 boys on the go!!  Boy am I in TROUBLE!!! 

Note to self:  Be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for!!

Changing direction here........

Our local support group 21FrienDS is collecting recipes for a Mother's Day fundraiser!  We are trying to collect as many recipes from our families & friends to make this a successful event.  Do you have a favorite dish, smoothie, dessert or appetizer that you like to make??  Care to share it??  All recipes will reference the person sharing as (Landon's T21 friend/family, Landon's OT, Friend of the Gomes Family. etc.)  Please include your name & where you are from.  You will also have a chance to purchase these cookbooks on line, too!!  All proceeds will go to 21FrienDS for parent seminars, group activities, education materials, etc.!  I would love for some of Landon's blogging buddies to be included!!  Please share!!  You can email me your recipe at:
or you can fax them to me at: 508-997-4520. 

We are collecting recipes until this Friday, February 11th......which just happens to be Landon's 2nd birthday!!!

Also, Kim, 21FrienDS' group leader has officially introduced our support group to Face book.  If you have a chance, stop on by and "Like" our page or request to join the group!!  (you can find the link on my FB profile page)  We cover the Southeastern, MA area from Cape Cod to Rhode Island!!  You do not have to be from our area, sharing information and ideas with other support groups (both near and far) and networking can only make "OUR" Ds community that much stronger!!  Thank you Kim for giving us the opportunity to share our children with others and for giving others the opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome (FIRST HAND)!  Our kiddos are touching and opening hearts.......EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!


  1. I'll second the crib tent! I joke that moving our daughter to a toddler bed was the worst decision I've ever made as a parent. I want Max in his crib forever!! :)

  2. I moved Kaia to a regular single bed at 23 months. Her baby brother came along and needed a crib and I was too cheap to buy another one! For the first few weeks we just put the mattress right on the floor as we didn't have a bed for it. Once we got a bed I put one of those rail things on it to keep her from falling off. I also took anything and everything out of her room that could possibly harm her in any way if she got into it un-supervised. All she had was her bed and her dresser. I also put a baby gate on her door so she wouldn't go wandering at night. She did really well. There were many times I found her sleeping on the floor, but it wasn't because she fell out of bed (we were still up and didn't hear any falling noises), she must have just climbed out.

  3. Way to go Landon! That is so awesome that he picked up on walking so fast. Luc is a climber too and he climbs everything. I can't take my eyes off him for a second. He has no fear, it's crazy. But it's also really good for them. He has gotten so much stronger. I pretty much let him climb on everything as long as I am nearby. As far as the crib, I still have Luc in a sleep sac and there is no way he can lift one leg without wiping out. It's working for now, of course he's in the largest size they make ;) No recipes here, I'm not the greatest cook. It's one of my goals this year to become a good cook! Good Luck!

  4. Way to go Landon! I hope Sweet Pea follows suit!

    As for the crib...no advice here since we moved her to a crib mattress on the floor very early.

  5. Way to go on the walking and climbing Landon. No advice for the crawling out of the crib, we moved Aidan to a big bed when he was 30 months and he did fine. I would bet Landon would be ok with it especially on the floor at first. Good luck.

  6. Way to go Landon!!!! My Landon wasn't a climber and for the most part still isn't...I'm so worried about Sutter though! That kid is into everything and is somewhat of a dare devil...I'm already nervous and he isn't even walking yet! I know lots of people who have used crib tents and love them, but we moved Landon into a his bed at 17mo since since I didn't want to buy a new crib for Sutter so I have no personal experience with them!

    I'll email you a recipe before Friday...I have some really good ones that I've tried recently!

  7. Its really exciting to read all the great stuff Landon is doing...When I read your words "This was worth waiting for" I teared up...Its something I need to remind myself, all the tiny steps, all the progress that seems to be slow coming at times...Its all worth it...and it WILL happen :)

  8. Yeah Landon - so awesome that he is so determined to walk - I can't wait for Owen to walk but very nervous at the idea of running after 2 toddlers yikes !

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  10. I love that Landon is on the MOVE!! Claire is a bit of a daredevil, and I'm afraid she is going to be a climber too.

    I'll try to email you a recipe tonight.

  11. Hi. I have been following your blog for my education class at Carroll University in Wisconsin and it's been such a blessing to follow Landon and all the wonderful things he's doing. I'm so happy to hear how much he has taken to walking, he's a beautiful boy and you have a beautiful family. Thank you for allowing us to follow along on this wonderful journey.