Sunday, February 27, 2011


A week ago this past Saturday we celebrated Landon's 2nd Birthday (Party)......BOWLING!!! Landon officially turned 2 on Feb. 11th but we had no luck getting a party date any sooner......guess I'll have to plan a little earlier next year!!  And although Landon had a restless night sleeping the night before his party.......yes, CROUP decided to rear its ugly head once little LOVE still managed to put a smile on his face and enjoy his party (with his friends) AND he bowled one heck of a game, to boot!!!!  lol

The party was small, a few family members, some old friends & some new (well, not SO new, anymore)........a great time was had by all!  At one point after the cake, I found myself just looking around the room feeling REALLY BLESSED to have so many wonderful people in my life.  We are 2 years into this journey.........and I wouldn't be where I am today, without the love & support of each & every one of them.  Although we were celebrating Landon's 2nd birthday, we were also celebrating so much more......milestone's, achievements, perseverance, strength, family, friends, unconditional love, ACCEPTANCE & LIFE!!  Thank you to those who were able to celebrate with us.......and THANK YOU to so many others (family & friends) who have been fueling this journey with LOVE & ACCEPTANCE since the day Landon was born!!  We love you all:)

 Landon's best buddy's.....Thomas & Brenna 
{& Brook too}!!

Cousins & Friends!!!!! 


Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy....we love you to the 
moon & back!!!!!


  1. Awesome!! We are trying to figure out still what will be enjoyable for Olivia this year since she is still not walking nor crawling on all fours and noisy kids are not her favorite at the moment. We will probably have a quiet family party this year.

  2. YEAH!! what a great idea! looks like a great time had by all!! Happy Big 2! smiles

  3. So much fun! And just wonderful to celebrate with people that love you all so much.

  4. OH Yeah Lovely and Cute baby's . very nice looking your all pic. I loved that and great idea for Party . Beautiful your party and very nice smile . thanks for nice sharing

  5. Happy belated birthday Landon! Hope you had fun bowling! Makes me want to go bowling now too!

  6. What a great party! My boys always pick bowling for their birthday party!

  7. Happy belated birthday ....nice looking your party and cute baby's. really very nice this post

  8. happy belated 2nd birthday landon - your party looks like so much fun :)