Sunday, February 27, 2011


A week ago this past Saturday we celebrated Landon's 2nd Birthday (Party)......BOWLING!!! Landon officially turned 2 on Feb. 11th but we had no luck getting a party date any sooner......guess I'll have to plan a little earlier next year!!  And although Landon had a restless night sleeping the night before his party.......yes, CROUP decided to rear its ugly head once little LOVE still managed to put a smile on his face and enjoy his party (with his friends) AND he bowled one heck of a game, to boot!!!!  lol

The party was small, a few family members, some old friends & some new (well, not SO new, anymore)........a great time was had by all!  At one point after the cake, I found myself just looking around the room feeling REALLY BLESSED to have so many wonderful people in my life.  We are 2 years into this journey.........and I wouldn't be where I am today, without the love & support of each & every one of them.  Although we were celebrating Landon's 2nd birthday, we were also celebrating so much more......milestone's, achievements, perseverance, strength, family, friends, unconditional love, ACCEPTANCE & LIFE!!  Thank you to those who were able to celebrate with us.......and THANK YOU to so many others (family & friends) who have been fueling this journey with LOVE & ACCEPTANCE since the day Landon was born!!  We love you all:)

 Landon's best buddy's.....Thomas & Brenna 
{& Brook too}!!

Cousins & Friends!!!!! 


Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy....we love you to the 
moon & back!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air

These past 2 days we have had some BEAUTIFUL weather.....59 degrees!!  You know the Spring is coming when you wake up to the birds chirping first thing in the morning!  Ya know, those same chirping birds that I will most likely come to DISLIKE for waking me up a bit too early in the Spring.....but for now I'll take it!!

Someone else is getting a little spring fever too.......Landon has been practicing his climbing and sliding skills at school so that he can take those skills to the playground!!  And this mama.......CANNOT WAIT!!!

Thank you to Landon's teacher, Courtney, for taking these pics.......YOU'RE THE BEST!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This past Monday, Landon had his follow up appointment with his ENT.  Dr. Lee has been watching Landon closely this past year, it seems Landon likes to walk that fine line, always getting close to maxing out on his fair share of ear infections in one season........but never really reaching that last one.  I am going to be honest with you, this has been a REALLY rough winter for Landon (& his brothers).  Ear infections, croup & strep throat have hit my 3 little musketeers HARD:(  I'm really not sure if we ever went more than one week without an antibiotic in the house!

Landon has been very fortunate up to this point, although he had numerous ear infections, with a little help from those friendly antibiotics, those infections seemed to pass (leaving no residual fluid behind).  Apparently he responds well to antibiotics, and Dr. Lee seemed pleased with that.  That combined with the fact that Landon has passed every hearing test with flying colors, has bought our little man some time.  We have never been concerned that Landon has ever had an issue with hearing......however, lately we have been questioning how CLEARLY he hears.  Landon has been doing GREAT with sign language and his signing vocabulary is growing every day.  I am so happy that Landon is able to communicate with us through sign language, keeping his frustration to a minimum.  However, I can't help but feel that Landon isn't quite as far along "vocally" as he should could be.  I know that a speech delay is evident in children with Down syndrome and probably the one area that will need the most long-term work.  I am OK with that.  

The bottom line is, EVERY season Landon gets A LOT of ear infections.  Regardless if the antibiotic works and clears things up, these frequent ear infections are slowly affecting his hearing.  After much discussion and total agreement, Dr. Lee, Scott and I feel like this time is very critical for speech, and it is our job to make sure we give Landon every opportunity to hear the words clearly & correctly.  Landon's day has finally come, he will soon be joining the "Tube Club".  We are currently waiting for a call back from Dr. Lee's office to schedule a surgery date at Children's Hospital of Boston (CHOB).

Although I am 100% OK with the actual surgery itself, I am terrified of putting my little peanut under anesthesia!  :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

THERE IS A REASON WHY............ mommy's repeat the rules to daddy's A THOUSAND TIMES before we leave the house and the children under your supervision for ANY length of time!!!!

For example............

.....this is what daddy's medium french vanilla coffee from Dunkin' Donuts looked like BEFORE I left the house.....

.....this is what daddy's medium french vanilla coffee from Dunkin' Donuts looked like when I got back home 1 1/2 hours later.......


.....ANY QUESTIONS?????!!!!!.....LOL

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!!!

WOW!!  Can you believe it??  Landon is 2, today!!  This past year seemed to fly by even faster than the first.....YIKES!!  Although it's sad how quickly time goes by, TODAY, I am finding much joy in the place this amazing journey has taken us, so far. And I am feeling very blessed and thankful for this little love who has graced us with his presence.

At 2 years old, Landon..........

~has mastered the 4 point crawl
~can sign over 35 words, without prompting
~is beginning to self-feed (with a spoon)
~is beginning to take sips from a sippy cup & straw
~is FINALLY accepting new tastes and textures
~is officially WALKING more than crawling

~has 8 teeth (the 9th is on its way)......all 4 molars, 2 top front, 2 bottom front 
~has learned to climb on the couch (but has yet to find a more graceful way to get down)
~is PRACTICING climbing out of his crib, YIKES!!!:/
~can climb stairs alternating his knees and feet
~LOVES to take baths (and WILL NOT get out, until he is ready)
~LOVES MUSIC (singing and dancing are his favorite things to do)
~enjoys being read to (and is the best page turner)
~ADORES his big brothers (his face just lights up when they walk in the room)
~loves to WRESTLE with his brothers (and pull Elijah's hair)
~gives the best bear hugs and the sweetest and wettest kisses
~knows and points to different parts of his face & body
~can make the living room look like a tornado hit it in 2 seconds flat
~makes the silliest faces to make you laugh (especially when he knows he did something wrong)
~has begun the potty training process..........*sigh*

Landon had a very busy 2nd birthday............

~he went to feeding therapy first thing in the morning

~he went to PT in the afternoon

~then we went to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday dinner (well, we ate for him, lol)...and they did their signature "YEE HAW" for the birthday boy (and he actually sat on the saddle)

~then it was home for our family tradition "Birthday ICE CREAM CAKE" for dessert (and this year, Landon actually touched the cake and licked his fingers......the proof is on his "blue" tongue)!!  LOL

~then, of course, it was present time......I think Landon enjoyed the balloon & wrapping paper most!

We will be having Landon's party (with friends & family) next Saturday........BOWLING!!  Will post pics of the party then!!!  Here is a glimpse of Landon at a bowling party, last year..........cannot wait to see how he does this year:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walking, Climbing & Recipes(?)

These past couple of weeks, Landon has been keeping us VERY BUSY!!  Ever since I caught him on video taking his "first steps", he has suddenly turned into a WALKING machine!!!  lol  Much to my surprise, Landon has been spending more time in the vertical position.  I wasn't sure how this walking thing was going to go.......a few steps today.......a few more next month!!!  NOPE......this little boy just can't get enough of it.  He pretty much spends most of his time PRACTICING........and that practice has paid off.  I have come to LOVE Landon's little penguin waddle.....and I love how he keeps his hands up near his shoulders to keep his balance.  WOW......this was so WORTH waiting for!!  We are really starting to see Landon's "personality", you know, the toddler version!!  He sure is one determined little boy.  If he should fall, no discouragement on his part, he just gets right back up again........and he will keep on going until he masters it!!  More video to come!!
LOVE that:) 

It seems Landon isn't going to stop at just walking!  The boy is really on the move!  We now have a climber, too!!  WHOA!  For the past 2 weeks when I have gone into Landon's room, I have found him standing up (grunting), and then I noticed him trying to lift his leg on the crib bar(which is on the lowest setting)!!  YIKES!!  This naughty little boy is now trying to CLIMB out of his crib!!  SERIOUSLY??!!  THIS EARLY?!
DON'T LOVE that:(

One of my biggest fears is of Landon falling out of his crib.  Well, it is a long way down for a little boy who is 20lbs and only 31" long!!  It's just a matter of time before he conquers this too!!  Ugh!  I don't think I am ready to move Landon to a day bed yet.  He is only going to be "2" this Friday!!!  I just can't see him in a "bed" yet......he would look more like a doll or stuffed animal in it!!  lol  I am also not ready for him to fall or climb out of a bed and get into lots of other mischief!!  YES, he sure is cute......but he sure can be naughty!!  After all, he is a boy:)  I'm just so afraid of the can of worms that we could be opening!  It's just too soon!!

I posted a comment on FB and got lots of feedback.  I am still interested in hearing more about what YOU did with your little one(s)!!  Please........HELP!!  The crib tent cover was suggested too.....I'll have to look more into this!  Landon is an explorer AND he is determined.  How long will it be before he figures his way out of that too??!!  Well I guess it could buy me time, right?! 

The reason I am really getting concerned is because this past weekend, Landon was so determined to climb an ottoman at a family birthday party.  Once he set his site on the ottoman, he was more determined than ever to conquer it.  After about 5 or 6 failed attempts, he put his frustration to good use!  YES, the boy succeeded.......and then.....HE WOULDN'T STOP!!!  Oh, and did I mention that he can climb onto our couch now.......just wish he could find a more graceful way to get off!!  lol

It's very interesting in this world of "delays" that he would be right on track in the terrible two's department!  Correction.......he is actually ahead of the game!!  lol  Although I am very happy for Landon's gross motor explosion.......I am so not ready to have 3 boys on the go!!  Boy am I in TROUBLE!!! 

Note to self:  Be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for!!

Changing direction here........

Our local support group 21FrienDS is collecting recipes for a Mother's Day fundraiser!  We are trying to collect as many recipes from our families & friends to make this a successful event.  Do you have a favorite dish, smoothie, dessert or appetizer that you like to make??  Care to share it??  All recipes will reference the person sharing as (Landon's T21 friend/family, Landon's OT, Friend of the Gomes Family. etc.)  Please include your name & where you are from.  You will also have a chance to purchase these cookbooks on line, too!!  All proceeds will go to 21FrienDS for parent seminars, group activities, education materials, etc.!  I would love for some of Landon's blogging buddies to be included!!  Please share!!  You can email me your recipe at:
or you can fax them to me at: 508-997-4520. 

We are collecting recipes until this Friday, February 11th......which just happens to be Landon's 2nd birthday!!!

Also, Kim, 21FrienDS' group leader has officially introduced our support group to Face book.  If you have a chance, stop on by and "Like" our page or request to join the group!!  (you can find the link on my FB profile page)  We cover the Southeastern, MA area from Cape Cod to Rhode Island!!  You do not have to be from our area, sharing information and ideas with other support groups (both near and far) and networking can only make "OUR" Ds community that much stronger!!  Thank you Kim for giving us the opportunity to share our children with others and for giving others the opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome (FIRST HAND)!  Our kiddos are touching and opening hearts.......EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!